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Cruiser, after the release of their first album « Rollin' with the times » Cruiser started touring Canada.

Upon their return they went to the studio and recorded a new series of songs meant for futur release.This recording taken from the archives of network records reflects the unique style of Cruiser.

All the members of this band delivered an outstanding performance and gave us a glimpse of their immense potential.The band broke up in 1983.

01Strange news (6:12) Strange_news.mp3 0.99$ ▼ FREE
02Small talk (2:56) Small_talk.mp3 0.99$
03Modern is the word (3:11) Modern_is_the_word.mp3 0.99$
04Video girl (4:01) Video_girl.mp3 0.99$
05Conviction (3:46) Conviction.mp3 0.99$
06This John don't dance (4:02) This_John_don't_dance.mp3 0.99$
07I don't want to hold you (3:12) I_don't_want_to_hold_you.mp3 0.99$
08Make it easy for me (4:11) Make_it_easy_for_me.mp3 0.99$
09Everyone's a kid (2:47) Everyone's_a_kid.mp3 0.99$
10Hi-adventure (2:54) Hi_adventure.mp3 0.99$
11Shadowland(4:52) Shadowland.mp3 0.99$
12Get up & go (3:28) Get_up_and_go.mp3 0.99$
13Lights in the sky (5:37) Lights_in_the_sky.mp3 0.99$
14She wants to be told (3:14) She_wants_to_be_told.mp3 0.99$
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