Cherry Pickers

« Down on Bishop street »

Cherry Pickers are:

Denny Ducharme: Lead vocals, keyboards.

Mick O'Grady: Guitars, vocals, harmonica.

Normeo Zabala: Guitars, vocals.

Sebastian: Bass, vocals.

Mario Monroe: Drums, percussion.

Thanks to: You, for buying this recording; our families, friends and loyal supporters who have stood by us faithfully especially Manon, Dominique, Kathlee, Katherine, Gary Davis,Tom Rathie for his input on this album and for our live sound and King the Dog-our mascot.

Produced by the Cherry Pickers.

01Branded man (3:50) Branded_man.mp3 vidéo 0.99$ ▼ FREE
02Mama never told me (4:07) Mama_never_told_me.mp3 0.99$
03I know what you need (5:39) I_know_what_you_need.mp3 0.99$
04Poison (4:34) Poison.mp3 0.99$
05Make me bleed (3:34) Make_me_bleed.mp3 0.99$
06Love the one you love (4:34) Love_the_one_you_love.mp3 0.99$
07Meet me in the middle (3:31) Meet_me_in_the_middle.mp3 0.99$
08The damage is done (4:02) The_damage_is_done.mp3 0.99$
09I will not be here forever (4:28) I_will_not_be_here_forever.mp3 0.99$
10The heart is always healing (4:15) The_heart_is_always_healing.mp3 0.99$
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