Nancy Martinez

« Downtown »

Nancy Martinez started her career by learning her craft from the inside out as back-up vocalist for artists Céline Dion, René Simard and Garou to name but a few.

Having understood the privilege of being on stage accompanying great artists working side by side with musicians and above all gaining the respect for the audience has become the corner stone of her personality.

It's now time to have a look inside a life of emotions and growth as Nancy Martinez reveals her most intimate and personal voice, « DOWNTOWN ».

01Downtown (4:34) downtown.mp3 0.99$ ▼ GRATUIT
02The more I see you (3:21) the_more_I_see_you.mp3 0.99$
03When sunny gets blue( 5:09) when_sunny_gets_blue.mp3 0.99$
04In a mellow tone (4:18) In_a_melow_tone.mp3 0.99$
05I'm old fashioned (3:50) I'm_old_fashioned.mp3 0.99$
06September song (2:26) september_song.mp3 0.99$
07Making'Whoopee (4:18) makin'_whoopee.mp3 0.99$
08The summer knows (4:46) the_summer_knows.mp3 0.99$
09Honeysuckle rose (3:25) honeysuckle_rose.mp3 0.99$
10Breaking up is hard to do (3:40) breaking_up_is_hard_to_do.mp3 0.99$
11Fools rush in (3:08) fools_rush_in.mp3 0.99$
12I wish you love (4:30) I_wish_you_love.mp3 0.99$
13Moonlight in Vermont (3:34) moonlight_in_vermont.mp3 0.99$
14Que reste-t-il de nos amours (4:30) que_reste_t_il_de_nos_amours.mp3 0.99$
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