« Rollin' with the times »

Cruiser, gold album Award winner, Richie Henman, drummer for Cruiser, and former member of the DUDES, APRIL WINE, etc. has rated these sessions as some of the best he has ever had the pleasure to be part of. ''…lack of the usual Rock-Star ego-tripping and a general spirit of co-operative creative effort has most certainly helped'', he added.

Cruiser's brand of Rock is certainly of the most ambitious, and imaginative, if not downright unique style.

No strangers to the music scene, all members of the band have played « in every club, bar or rock room » in the country for years, in various bands, before seriously considering going after a recording career, as CRUISER.

Cruiser is :

Don Beauchamp: Lead Vocal, Keyboards & Percussion.

Richie Henman: Drums.

Tom Rathie: Bass & Vocal.

Walter Rathie: Vocal & Keyboards.

Ed Stevens: Guitars & Vocal.

01R&R survival (2:36) R_and_R_survival.mp3 0.99$ ▼ GRATUIT
02Rollin' with the times (4:12) Rollin'_with_the_times.mp3 vidéo 0.99$
03Down on the street (4:13) Down_on_the_street.mp3 0.99$
04No admission (3:57) No_admisson.mp3 0.99$
05Things gotta change (3:48) Things_gotta_change.mp3 vidéo 0.99$
06Gimme my money (4:56) Gimme_my_money.mp3 0.99$
07Incident at new world theatre (3:23) Incident_at_new_world_theatre.mp3 0.99$
08Terror in the streets (4:19) Terror_in_the_street.mp3 0.99$
09Same time same station (1:54) Same_time _same_station.mp3 0.99$
10Television sons (4:25) Television_sons.mp3 0.99$
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