Citizen's Band

« Woman of the world »

Citizen's Band is a family affair, all members are related. Four brothers and a cousin who play music.

Influenced by the West Coast Sound this effort was created to compeat with the best. This CD (we hope) is our first attempt to please the listener.

Arranged and produced by Citizen's Band nothing was spared to obtain maximum quality .

This recording is the very close to a live recording where all members were recorded together, even if some overdubs were added we hope you will capture the energy of the performance.

01Help me please (3:48) Help_me_please.mp3 0.99$ ▼ FREE
02My girl friend (3:07) My_girl_friend.mp3 0.99$
03Little by little (3:41) Little_by_little.mp3 0.99$
04I should have never left you (4:07) I_should_have_never_left_you.mp3 0.99$
05Danville (3:25) Danville.mp3 0.99$
06For a better way (4:12) For_a_better_way.mp3 0.99$
07My guiding hand (4:21) My_guiding_hand.mp3 0.99$
08To be a good man (4:34) To_be_a_good_man.mp3 0.99$
09How I feel (3:19) How_I_feel.mp3 0.99$
10My prayer (3:32) My_prayer.mp3 vidéo 0.99$
11All I own (4:49) All_I own.mp3 0.99$
  « Woman of the world » (43:31) ALL 7.99$

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